Fairy-Tale Embellishment on my Wall


Have you ever imagined spending time with your loved one below a tree decorated with quaint lanterns, watching the bright pattern of stars draped in the dark shadows of the night sky with the faint illumination from the crescent moon? Sounds like right out of a story book or poetry isn’t it? Ah! well these small luxuries are unimaginable if you live in a concrete jungle, but me being a lover of all things poetic decided to embellish my wall space with a decorative wall sticker.

I searched various sites online for something that would take me back into a cozy space just by looking at it, after a wild and extensive quest I found the one that fitted the fancy of my mind. A fairy-tale like wall sticker on Pepperfry. I was instantly captivated by the design, the branches with tiny leaves, the cute little stars, the magical lanterns, and the enchanting crescent moon. One look at it and I could envision myself under the night-sky or a chilly Halloween night or having a warm meal on Christmas eve, it was just too perfect to fit in with any occasion and so I purchased it. Sheer Love-at-first-sight!

Me and my sister spent a nice warm afternoon adorning it on our living room wall giggling away like two school girls, and I noticed that it matched excellently with the dark blue sofa cushion covers below. Each day I can’t stop admiring the beauty on the wall.


Wall-stickers can add a personal dimension to your room without being to expensive or calling in professional help for renovating your space.

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