5 Types of Avoidable Men on Dating Sites


We are flooded with all kinds of dating sites these days and finding Mr. Right seems to be easy as a click of a button. Behind all the butterfly mayhem, the beating of lovey-dovey hearts, and the conjuring of an idealized romance lies a sea of men who can easily be given a miss to avoid possible heart aches and heart-breaks.

1. The Fake Profiler

80% of these lurk in the virtual world with Adonis like profile pictures, you come across one with exceptionally Greek-God good looks, well described profiles, maybe pictures of perfect family members thrown in to make it look all real, it’s just like a dream come true. But the moment you start chatting you notice that there are loop holes and the castle is falling apart, mind you some get so annoyed if you probe them with personal questions that you could get blocked out or unfriended easily just so that their virtual bubble remains intact. Some can be complete charmers weaving up exotic stories about their work and social life making you believe that they actually exist on the human plane but don’t get pulled into the virtual dream a background check always could save your grace.

2. The Let’s Trade Pics Kinda Guy

You friend a rather cute looking guy and then Bam! all he can converse is through pictures right-out-of the shower picture, on the bed picture, ripped abs picture etc etc just spamming your inbox with them. The only obligation being you post yours too! No thank-you! Ladies take charge put your foot down ask him to maintain his dignity or you can always show him the boot.

3. The Online Romeo

You will find these on chat 24×7, rain or shine they are there, always ready to smother you will unwanted attention. Maybe they copy paste the same amorous messages to all the girls in their chat account, ‘Hi there beautiful’, ‘Love your eyes’, ‘I was thinking about us’ – on and on it can go except when it comes to remembering your ‘Name’ there is a ______ Blank Space! To such men turn invisible immediately.

4. The Add me and Forget me Type

Okay so your conversation hasn’t gone much since the last time you added him, it’s stuck with just a ‘Hi’ or a ‘Hmm’ or a ‘K’ (for me K is definitely an epitome of laziness or poor talking skills). Well either the guy can’t speak English or he is clearly not interested in holding a perfect dialogue or you are certainly not his type. Get rid of him, you don’t need undesirable potential dates on your list who hoard your virtual and mental space.

5. The Cold-Feet Guy

You have had blissful heart-to-heart discussions for days, months, or perhaps years on end but it’s not going anywhere. The relationship is not moving further the ‘we are friends’ tag, you need to step back and analyze whether he has the same feelings for you. Maybe you have given him enough ‘you are the one’ signals and he doesn’t seem to budge from his mixed sentiments that blow hot and cold towards you. Take a deep breath and release yourself from the mental torture of being taken on a emotional roller coaster ride, it will save your time and energy of pursuing something which is never meant to be.

Finding a soulmate is a herculean task, focus on finding the one who shares your aspirations and dreams, uplifts your spirits, respects you and treats you as an equal. Ignore the petty ones that seem glamorous from a distance and crash before reaching the relationship shore.

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