I Am #MadeOfGreat

Be Yourself

Originality is a rare commodity these days, many a times we are put into situations that either bend us or make us heroes. Whenever I look into the mirror I feel I have grown, I have stood up to what I believe in, I have listened to that little voice deep inside me and metamorphosed into the person that I am today.

I always wanted to be a writer, it all began by spending endless summer afternoons reading romantic letters which were locked up in a heavy trunk in the attic. These amorous renditions were obviously written by my love locked uncle’s and aunt’s who had left all their emotions on a piece of paper but completely forgotten about them. There were old vintage Christmas cards as well, these beautiful cards made me imagine stories about snowy streets, Christmas lit up houses, and family dramas unfolding around warm fireplace. When school would re-open I would spend hours in the school library soaking up on anything I could get my hands on, reading was in my blood. As I grew older I started keeping a dairy, I poured all the black ink on blank lines writing chapter after chapter of my being.

Then came the college phase in life where I stood on crossroads, parental pressure made me an Economics graduate. The writer in me was silenced as I continued the worldly way and took up Masters in Business Administration, after all I had to please everyone who thought that running the rat race is the ultimate goal of life. Then working in a reputed firm was considered as a life time accomplishment. But my soul was restless, the little voice in the depths continued to warn me that this is not what I wanted in life.

The inspirational turning point came through by watching the movie ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ which depicts the self-discovering journey of a writer, I could relate to it. I finally decided to follow my dreams and started with this blog, the more the wrote the more I felt liberated. I found myself again, I did not give in to the pressures of what others think of writing as a profession. I decided to carve a niche for myself in the world of words. And here I am today!

As Leslie Knope has rightly put in – ” I Am Big Enough to Admit, I Am Often Inspired by Myself.”
Hence I say that I Am #MadeofGreat, finding oneself in this chaotic world is nothing short of a discovery it takes guts and confidence to walk in a different path when everyone else is against your dreams. Be original and the world will recognize you because you are a force to reckon with!

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