Mind B(l)oggling #BNLF

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Who said bloggers can’t have fun? I know we may look like a bunch of jobless promoters who love self-adulation on social platforms but trust me if that comes with attending cool events like a star and meeting inspirational people then I’m a Proud Blogger! BNLF (Blog Now Live Forever) was an amazing experience, imagine being amidst the crème de la crème of the blogging scene in India and realizing that you are actually sane in following your passion for writing. Earlier my mother used to think that I could never make a living out of writing but after attending the BNLF event (she managed to sneek in during the last session when the Legend Bruce Dickinson was on stage and even clicked the above snap!) she says “My God! you people are celebrities!”. Such is the power of Blogging my Mom is now my Fan!

BNLF Mumbai

This magnum opus stage actually rocked an opening concert from the Indiblogger band Blunder in the Code which obviously set the jive mood with Another Brick in the Wall- Pink Floyd. Then came the inspirational sessions from Indian as well as international delegates. These were not actual lecturing sessions but they were laced with humorous experiences and anecdotes from Purba Ray, Anshul Tiwari, Arnab Ray, Kanan Gill, Preeti Shenoy, Jeff Bullas, Christoph Trappe, and Bruce Dickinson.


What did I enjoy?
The contagious ambiance of being among the best, the tips and tricks of acing my game as a blogger, the awe-inspiring stories shared on this huge platform, and the proud moment of representing my passion. #BNFL will be etched in my memory forever.

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