When I Play with Interiors – Bedroom Edition

I know Polyvore is meant for all-things fashion but my love for creating home sets does not seem to end. Designing quirky, stylish, modern, subtle, and vintage bedroom decors has been my favorite pass-time. In this post I will feature a few of my choicest bedroom interiors.


A soothing calm to the room is attained by the subtle elegance of the interiors. The minimalist white and grey tones along with the fusion of indigo projects urban decadence.


Having a huge wall painting in the bedroom adds dimension and depth to the room. Throw pillows accentuate a laid back yet voguish option to heavy furnishings.

Bedroom #14

In this my equestrian love is depicted with the horses in the backdrop of a very vintage setting. The night sky and wooden candle holder elude magic and seems ideal for a farm house bedroom decor.


Imagine a beach house with such rustic white bedroom facing the sea, watching the waves crash on the shore from the comfort of warm blankets on a full moon night would be so romantic.

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