5 Exotic Places in India for a ‘Destination Wedding’

Destination Wedding 
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The journey of two souls begins with one ‘Yes’ and the epic highlight of this wonderful moment is ‘The Wedding’. And to make it a grand gesture of celebration one must find the perfect location. Lately ‘Destination Weddings’ have become a craze among couples daring to loosen their budget strings and indulge in breath-taking visuals, amalgamation of cultures, trying out new wedding traditions, and sometimes simply combining an exotic honeymoon. India being a land of diverse topography offers all of the above.

Here are some bomb-diggity locales in India where one can execute an elaborate ceremony with all the oomph!

1. GOA

If you dream of walking down the aisle bare-footed on the sand with the smell of crisp sea breeze and the blue endless ocean in the backdrop then Goa ticks all the boxes for a magnificent Beach Wedding. South Goa is ideal for a private ceremony as it has pristine beaches and resorts that cater to the high demanding tastes of the guests. Grand Hyatt, The Lalit, and Park Hyatt are some of the popularly chosen venues. One can decide from the various wedding packages that are offered to have a lavish signature wedding.


Talk about grand palaces, antiquated settings, and the impression of an opulent life – Rajasthan has it all. The feeling of being a Maharaja out to wed his beloved Maharani can be mesmerizing as well as something that is right out of a story book wedding. One can get hitched in the the land of most grand palaces and etch it in the memories of time forever. Imagine having the most beautiful tale to tell your kids at bedtime, a story of being married in the land of kings and queens.


The Land of Gods beckons for blessings and this can be the most spiritual experience for the new couple who are about to begin their life’s innings together. You don’t have to be in Venice to proclaim your romance for each other but you can do just that in the lush backwaters of Kerala atop a boat floating away in sunset or you can plan to evoke God’s favor in many of the temples that symbolize tradition.


The adventurous souls can say ‘I Do’ underwater among the beautiful marine life that the island has to offer. Expect to blow the minds of your guests with thrilling SCUBA excursions, nature trails, and snorkeling activities. Home to a dozen virgin beaches and luxurious resorts one can find many options to organize a spectacular wedding.


The Taj Mahal has been symbolic towards eternal love for ages and exchanging vows with your loved one can become memorable for a lifetime with this well crafted, iconic structure in the backdrop. This Mughal monument has watched over many generations of lovers on its grounds and like a silent pillar of admiration and beauty reflects the essence of married bliss. Many culturally rich hotels around its vicinity can provide a grandiose ambience to the celebration.

Wedding is not just a ceremony it is the feast for the eyes, destination weddings stay with you forever and of course it gives the guests a lot to talk about even after the ceremony is over!

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