The Legacy of Space Domination – Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond

The alien bashing crew has arrived with yet another complex masterpiece that has blown away the young and old audiences alike. Star Trek Beyond the highly anticipated sci-fi franchise legacy has finally arrived in India. Studio Talk has exclusively pioneered the promotion of this delectable series with engaging activities and created a new age buzz among the Indian cinegoers to lap up this space age madness. Caught between deep space adventures vs. stellar affinity the spectators are loving the #StarTrekinIndia experience and enjoying the outer space augmentation.


The series is the first sci-fi directorial venture of Justin Lin; the movie packs an admirable punch of guns and galore with the space age twist just like his previously directed action packed mayhems on the big screen. His crafty ability to shoot insane dialogue-heavy scene, innovative action sequences, and the knack of delivering a daring spectacle out of the cast makes the movie a highly successful must watch of the season. The tragic passing away of Anton Yelchin a month before the movies release have not affected the popularity among the scores of fans who have waited this long to relish the space vision of the Enterprise, his legacy will live on forever etched in the minds of millions.

Star Trek Beyond Attraction

The ruddy task taken on by the Enterprise to throw all intergalactic forces threatening to cause a galaxy pandemonium works bombastically in their favour. The musical score is fitting and badass especially the track Sabotage which directly portrays the essence of the storyline. Among the cast we have the eye-candy Chris Pine, the sultry Zoe Saldana who can sizzle on screen with her presence. The surprise package is newcomer Idris Elba as Krall the reptilian evil mind who contradicts the very foundations of the Federation. Each of the characters essays his portion with ease and aplomb.

This new age cinematic cult promises a dastardly plot waiting to unfold in the realms of above and beyond. It captures the imagination of every Star Trek fan and deviates from the traditional story- telling adding a much richer interstellar fusion of emotions and exploit.

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