Decor Inspirations for the Living Room

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A Living room is an epicenter for all family activities, and it acts as a multi-functional space for relaxing, working, mingling with guests, and entertain. There are tonnes of design and mood inspirations when it comes to making your living space vibrant and essential part of your lives. While decorating the lounge, one has to keep three things in mind:

a) having enough leg room by not making the space too crowded with furniture

b) having the perfect light setting by adding light fixtures and natural lighting

c) lastly make maximum use of the space by placing consoles in the walls, cozy window benches with storage space if you have a bay view, and corner tables. All of these add up to the vignette of the personal lounge.

Take a look at some of classic living room ideas to go with. When it comes to the seating arrangements in the living room the sofa is the most obvious and attractive choice to change the get up of the room. It is important to create a striking illusion with a super comfy one that does not take up too much space. An upholstered beauty made out of leather, velvets, soft fabric, or tweed is what you want. Fill the extra area with a few exquisite rotund chairs to create a conversational pod around the couch. For a smaller room sofa without arms are more appropriate to craft a movable space. To bring in a calming sophisticated vibe in the room add beautiful cushions with a bold colour palette of black, white and neutrals, pastels, prints, earthy tones, and metallic golds. Accentuating the space with an odd low table, floor cushion or ottoman makes it more functional. Enhance the decor with a mix of simple family knickknacks and grand statement features like a glamorous chandelier or a prodigious piece of art.

Picture Courtesy Pinterest

There are quite a few interesting ways to decorate your sofa with cushions for an eclectic as well as formal feel. You can also buy a variety of cushion and sofa covers here without breaking the bank on your living room renovations. Continually tweak and change the personality of your lounge by adding personal touches. Maintain a subtle balance between masculinity meeting femininity to create a warm and spotless living area. An enviable living space has the modern comfort, consistency, functionality, and dynamism for a sleek, luxurious living.

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