MAX Style with Fashionable Shrugs

Max Style with Shrugs

While you contemplate between wearing a chic blazer or a casual jacket there is a unique piece of clothing waiting to be explored – Shrugs. They are a trendy statement piece for formal and informal occasions alike. Also known as shoulder-robing these versatile garments act as the perfect camouflage for sleeveless blouses, tops and voguish off-shoulder dresses. They look stylish with any ensemble and are designed to look like a voguish cape capable of giving you stunning selfies for your Instagram feed.

They trend in any weather and come in an array of unique styles and lengths. You can adorn the embellished sleeve ones, single-coloured, multi-coloured, short, crop and even ankle-length ones. Going by the style quotient they up your glam meter by notches and make pretty heads turn as you enter any event.

Shrugs that go well with outfits in summer are the ones made out of light material mostly cotton. Never go for the velvet ones in summer for the sheer amount of heat they can produce. Ones made with lace and floral prints are ideal for a modish summer style, vibrant and pastel tones can be worn throughout the day and graphic typography can be the style for a fun night out. Still confused about which type of shoulder robe would suit you the best, then this hip fashion guide can come to your rescue.

Breezy chic shrugs go well with rugged jeans and a tight tee, these can be the ultimate style weapon for music festivals, picnics and long drives. On an extremely lazy day, you can dress up your shoulder-robe in skinny jeans or a worn-out mom/boyfriend jeans with a classic dark coloured tee, sunglasses and sports/flat shoes. Cropped shrugs are ideal with short dresses, however, you can style them with maxi and skater dresses too. Print on print in the latest selling point, a geometric printed dress with an embellished cropped shrug looks scintillating for a date night. One-piece and tube dress to accentuate the feminine figure well with these versatile statement clothing. Mix and match the textures and designs to create a distinctive style of your own.

Going retro at the beach with tasselled and fringed shoulder-robes is the current obsession, a sheer shrug with swimwear and basic tops sets off bohemian vibes while sunbathing. Any strappy or spaghetti topped outfit flaunts your shoulder and neck with these caped robes. These can be hit with jumpsuits as well in winter, style your leggy jumps with lace shoulder-robes in intricate and wild patterns.

Max Fashion has an enviable collection of fashionable shrugs that will make you want to buy their whole range. They are designed for comfort and come in a variety of shapes and styles. Whether it is knitted, printed, floral, embroidered and desi versions, adding these ultra-stylish pieces of clothing to your wardrobe will enhance your personality. These are the choicest alternative to wear when the air gets a bit nippy. Layering has finally become a runway craze and this modern piece of clothing is leading the voguish pack.

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