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Love for Thrillers and Spine-Chillers

Thriller Books

I have a confession to make when I was in 4th STD we were not allowed to take books from the library. Instead, we just had weekly story classes where our teacher would read out stories for the whole class. But I was constantly curious to read all the books that lay encased in glass shelves in the library. So one day me and a friend of mine entered the library during the lunch recess and stole a book each. I choose the ‘Hound of Baskerville’ by Arthur Conan Doyle a detective thriller and of course, since then I have been hooked to thrillers. (Oh, we quietly returned the books next week, but by then there was a new rule ‘No Lunch Bags Allowed in the Library’). But nonetheless it turned me into a bookworm and writer.

I devoured ‘Nancy Drew’, ‘Hardy Boys’, ‘Sweet Valley High’, and how can I forget ‘Famous Five’. The madness in the chapters and the adventures of the characters as they dodged villains was just insatiable. I would beg from rich friends for the latest editions as I was tight on my pocket money, but they were kind enough to lend me after they had their fill. So instead of playing on the field during the breaks I would be reading, reading on the bus, reading in the loo, reading at night earning reading glasses as trophy during this process. The craze continued while in college and I got mesmerized by ‘Mary Higgins Clark’ her books were so fresh and painted the characters in such a way that I practically lived in them day in and out. Politically set stories by Jeffery Archer always caught my attention and not to mention ‘Not without my Daughter’ by Betty Mahmoody remains one of my favorites.

I moved on to some serious stories and mature characters, but thrillers always fascinate me. The latest being ‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins. I remember reading this brilliance while in office, I know just love to read anywhere! Currently I’m penning a thriller and hope to finish it this year.

The ever so curious mind can never be satisfied!

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