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Getting Kitschy!

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Decorating one’s home becomes a stylish mission, not to mention the endless decor ideas that keep popping up in mind. If you are someone who loves the idea of crazy and quirky prints all over the living space then Kitsch decor is the perfect design inspiration.

Use it to accentuate your home space with cushions, art posters, coasters, bedsheets, pillows, kitchen and bathroom decor. The Italian luxury fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana have recently introduced their range of kitsch kitchenware making it a high point in fashion.

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You will find online stores like Chumbak, Happily Unmarried, Tappu Ki Dukaan, The Elephant Company, and Tungs10 selling rich colorful decor and furniture suiting the vibrant cultural heritage of India.

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Courtesy: Chumbak

Just lay low on the pretentiousness and create a space that is fun, playful, and has elements of nostalgia and surprise.

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Serein- The Malabar Hill of Thane -Living in a Legacy of Wellness!

How many times in a year do Mumbaikars drive miles away into the wilderness and leave behind their polluted lives for a few refreshing moments in the lap of nature’s luxury? Quite often right. Well, now there is an affluent option to live within the city and experience the charms of environmental healthy living. Tata Housing presents the Serein – Malabar Hill of Thane!

Tata Housing Serein
Serein Malabar Hill of Thane

Pokaran Road, Thane is fast emerging as the ideal choice for residential purpose as it boosts of being a beautiful location at the foothills of Yeoor Hills. Strategically located in the midst of the scenic Upvan Lake and Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the lush ambience boosts of being India’s first Wellness home project that believes in bringing the outdoors within the living space. Pokaran Road, Thane assures a near proximity to all the major entertainment centers, well connected with the hot spots in the urban center, educational centers, hospitals, and business hubs. Thus rendering it an edge over other housing projects in the vicinity and offering a pride in addressing with similar zipcode to Malabar Hills. Thus Pokaran Road I & II are effectively being known as the Malabar Hills of Thane. No wonder customers prefer a lush green natural environment with breathtaking views as their abode.

Beautiful View of the Upvan Lake
Upvan Lake

The 2 & 3 BHK apartments have been easily designed in accordance to climatology so that the occupants can enjoy clean, fresh air throughout the year. The rooms remain cool yet in summer as they are projected to have calm winds from the north westerly part. To promote utmost health to its residents all the rooms have EMF shield, air purifier in the living room, vitamin C infused shower panels, and RO filter in the kitchen. The usage of low VOC paint prevents any further health risks.

Serein - Malabar Hill of Thane
Tata Housing Project – Serein

The out of doors are equally environmental conscious with an attractive nature trail for early morning jogs or walk. Pet park for animal lovers, organic farming for healthy eating, outdoor dining area for moonlit dinner moments, lotus pond for soothing ambience, a sand pit for children’s activity, and convenience store for daily needs.

The dream of waking up every day to the birds chirping and breath taking hill view can become reality through these homes that create a legacy. Gifting your loved ones a place among nature will not only help the future generation to appreciate the flora and fauna, but also take care of living an organic life away from the stress of present urbanization. Serein – Malabar Hill of Thane is the right choice to find a home in the lap of luxury!

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Innovative ways to decorate with String Lights this Diwali

Wine Bottle lights

Diwali is the festival of lights and the best way to brighten up your home is to use string lights. There are simple ways to use these tiny LED lights to decorate your home. Embellish old wine bottles with glitter paint, sequins and beautiful tassels. Drop the lights in and watch the splendor.

Beautiful String Lights
Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Decorate your dinning space with lightened up glass showpieces. Surround the display with unique and quirky wooden artifacts and wow your guests when they walk in for a festive meal.

Ribbon around String light
Pic courtesy:

Tie colorful or quintessential lace ribbons around the lights. Watch your space illuminate into beautiful patterns and designs at night. Fairytale style!

Yarn balls
Pic courtesy: Pinterest

Glue up colorful yarn around a balloon let it dry, then burst out the balloon to reveal round furry design. Place the lights inside and watch it light up your outdoor space.

These simple DIY tricks will add sparkle to your home this festive season.

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When I Play with Interiors – Bedroom Edition

I know Polyvore is meant for all-things fashion but my love for creating home sets does not seem to end. Designing quirky, stylish, modern, subtle, and vintage bedroom decors has been my favorite pass-time. In this post I will feature a few of my choicest bedroom interiors.


A soothing calm to the room is attained by the subtle elegance of the interiors. The minimalist white and grey tones along with the fusion of indigo projects urban decadence.


Having a huge wall painting in the bedroom adds dimension and depth to the room. Throw pillows accentuate a laid back yet voguish option to heavy furnishings.

Bedroom #14

In this my equestrian love is depicted with the horses in the backdrop of a very vintage setting. The night sky and wooden candle holder elude magic and seems ideal for a farm house bedroom decor.


Imagine a beach house with such rustic white bedroom facing the sea, watching the waves crash on the shore from the comfort of warm blankets on a full moon night would be so romantic.

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Magically Finding Your Dream Abode!

Dream Home - Magic Bricks

The biggest possible dream any man can have is owning a piece of heaven on earth – A Beautiful Home. With soaring market prices, many offers, schemes, and varied locations it is very difficult to obtain a desired residence. However there is an easy solution to all property confusion through MagicBricks. An adorable video depicts a little boy finding a shelter for his little squirrel friend that highlights the importance of finding the perfect home through this property portal.

Magic bricks is one stop destination for verified properties on buy, sell, and rent. The newest tool added on the site is the Time Travel Search option that allows the user to search homes according to the proximity to prominent landmarks which are primary from the buyer’s point of view. Buyer’s can put all their questions to rest in the discussion forum which allows one to take significant property decisions with expert advice. One can browse over thousands of projects through all Indian cities and finalize ready-to-move-in estates according to the budget. The site also features a blog that exclusively deals real estate topics with panache, a separate segment on the finest luxurious properties in India is an opulent delight. A refreshing column is the makeover section churning out stylish home decor tips and tricks which any flamboyant home owner can refer to create a voguish abode.

A potential buyer who is mulling over buying an impeccable property can avail financial, legal and taxation related advice from the experts empanelled on Magicbricks platform. An instant loan calculator banishes all the doubts and ensures eligibility paving way for an excellent personally owned property. This platform connects the buyer with top builders and brokers of the country under one big real estate umbrella. As Magicbricks is a mobile friendly site and a smart mobile application one can choose from millions of properties on the go.

Magic bricks makes it possible to create the ‘Home of Dreams’ right where ‘You’ are. It is no doubt India’s best online property portal that makes all wishes come true with just a click of a button and ensures that one finds a safe and happy abode.

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Fairy-Tale Embellishment on my Wall


Have you ever imagined spending time with your loved one below a tree decorated with quaint lanterns, watching the bright pattern of stars draped in the dark shadows of the night sky with the faint illumination from the crescent moon? Sounds like right out of a story book or poetry isn’t it? Ah! well these small luxuries are unimaginable if you live in a concrete jungle, but me being a lover of all things poetic decided to embellish my wall space with a decorative wall sticker.

I searched various sites online for something that would take me back into a cozy space just by looking at it, after a wild and extensive quest I found the one that fitted the fancy of my mind. A fairy-tale like wall sticker on Pepperfry. I was instantly captivated by the design, the branches with tiny leaves, the cute little stars, the magical lanterns, and the enchanting crescent moon. One look at it and I could envision myself under the night-sky or a chilly Halloween night or having a warm meal on Christmas eve, it was just too perfect to fit in with any occasion and so I purchased it. Sheer Love-at-first-sight!

Me and my sister spent a nice warm afternoon adorning it on our living room wall giggling away like two school girls, and I noticed that it matched excellently with the dark blue sofa cushion covers below. Each day I can’t stop admiring the beauty on the wall.


Wall-stickers can add a personal dimension to your room without being to expensive or calling in professional help for renovating your space.

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Fashion Decor: A Trend to Mix Fashion with Home Decor


Decorating your personal space is an exciting experience, it mirrors the way we take hours to dress up in order to feel attractive,chic, and presentable. Home is usually an extension of our personality, the way we ornate, furnish, and accessorize the abode depicts our creativity and style. I have been obsessed on Polyvore creating home decor sets inspired by my love for fashion. Let me mention a few ideas on how to create Voguish interiors from haute couture ramp designs.

Spring Inspiration

Spring gives a vibrant visual of bright pinks, rose reds, elegant whites, and soothing greens. A season that evokes new beginnings and ushers happiness, decorating your interiors in the colors of nature livens up your personal space. Intricate floral designs provide a fresh atmosphere and remind you of spring all year round.

Monocromatic Style


An eye-catching trend that has spilled over from the ramp into your bedrooms and living rooms. These designs look anything but mundane and brighten up the living space despite of the mono style.

Geometric Patterns


Bold and edgy on the fashion ramp geometric designs give an illusionist perception. This chic style adds a 3D dimensional look to the decor and provides a classic neo-modern look. Geometric furniture’s have a futuristic appeal and elongate the view of any given room.

Black and Gold


Dressing up your room in this royal and glamorous attire manifests  opulence. Rich textures, luxurious leather furnishings, elegant light fittings, and golden lace curtains display a palace life feel.

Color Pop


Mixing red with pink, blue with green, and yellow with orange is an eye-popping effect. If you are free-spirited or boho-chic you will love to dress up your house in the color pop theme. Crazy prints and hues from the 60s MOD fashion trend can be incorporated. Color pop is en vogue and adds just the right amount of razzmatazz to your decor.

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