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I’m attempting to try my hand at writing short-stories which are less than 500 words through the A-Z Challenge, hope the 26 stories penned by me strike a cord with the audience.

She woke up with a heavy-hearted tinge, something the sort of a bitter-sweet feeling. It was over. It was the strangest feeling ever…but it made her feel good, she felt liberated.

Their 5 year love had created little memories for a lifetime. She had moved on, she had changed. The glitz and charm of the city life had gotten better of her, she felt independent, she wanted to explore herself and of course there was the grand opening of her art gallery.

Sara squinted her eyes as the sun-rays danced through the curtains and dazzled on the bed. The side that Henry lay was empty, it mostly was. He never had time; he was always busy in the big bad corporate world, that’s what he called it. He was forever running to complete deadlines, having exotic work destination meetings, the boozy after-work parties, and late night hotel stays. She used to wait for him..wait to feel a warm touch in the morning or have a cosy evening by the fireplace sipping hot chocolate. All day she would dream of being the perfect happy couple, the kind that dominated celluloid for over decades.

To cope with the utter realm of depression she painted, canvas after canvas she created, a perfect picture depicting ‘La Belle Vie’. Themes would range from beautiful rose gardens, panoramic lavender fields, romantic walks under the moon with mason jars to light up the way, and serene dockyard where the sky seemed to melt into the water. Everything was so poetic, so mesmerizing, and soothing. It calmed her from within; she loved the feel of brush and colors in her hand. Those creative strokes got noticed by a friend and went viral on social sites. After that everything was a blur her creations got booked in advance, she basked in the artistic scene mingling with the crème de la crème of the society.

On the other hand her strained relation with Henry got worse; he blamed her for not being at home. Suddenly he wanted her to be the perfect companion, the way she always dreamt. Their fights grew over the night; he accused her of being a selfish career-centric woman not realizing he embodied the same qualities. The distance grew and one day he left, without a note or a warning just walked away from her life. For days she didn’t paint, she blamed herself for the separation. One day during an aimless walk on the old side of the city she discovered a gallery space on sale, this was it, she fell in love with it at once.

Today was the morning she had waited for, ‘Azura’ was going to open for the public. The sky is the limit they say and ‘Azura’ had proven that it eased the pain she went through, the loneliness within, she had a reason to celebrate. She once again felt alive and wanted to reach the sky.

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