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When you have a dream you always envision it in the most spectacular way possible. My blog is my dream and hence I was on a hunt to create something that would be visually aesthetic as well as chic. I chanced upon Abackteam on the internet and decided to use their services to create a website for my brand. Rajeev was spontaneous and got in touch to discuss the ideas and themes, after many calls and emails my website was ready in no time. With quick service and generous co-operation they have made this site a dream come true for me. Hence I decided to give them a huge shout-out by a feature interview.

1. Why the name ‘Abackteam’ ? Any special reason for choosing this as a brand name?

Aback Means “Surprise” we like To surprise our Clients by providing them a beautiful website.

2. What other services do you provide apart from web designing?

We Provide PPC, Online Advertising, Logo Designing,Android development, TV Advertising And Much More You Can Go Through Our website Also.

3. Who has been your favorite client so far?

Our Favorite Client is Kedar (

4. Who do you wish to work with?

We wish to collaborate with big Indian companies.

5. Describe ‘Abackteam’ in one sentence…

Ans :- Delivering excellent quality.

Thank You Rajeev & the Abackteam for such a wonderful experience. Wish to do more future en-devours!!

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