ZEE5 – The Ultimate Binge Watch Platform


Time to be a couch potato and order some yummy snacks while you turn on to ZEE5 and indulge in a serial-thon. There is something for everyone on ZEE5. Here you can watch interesting family dramas with the clan or gossip endlessly about the evil characters with your female gang. If you like to enjoy all the drama with your mother-in-law, then binge-watching these tv serials with her will be priceless. We have come up with a list of appealing new soaps to feature on your favourite list.

Starry Nights 2.Oh!

Why wait for the rapid-fire coffee round when you can catch up all the starry tantrums with Komal Nahta on Starry Nights 2.0! Bollywood is quite the obsession, and even the paparazzi can’t get enough of our glamorous stars. But you can watch Bhumi Pednekar, Aamir Khan, Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh and many more talk about their private lives, crushes, marriage, and career on Starry Nights 2.0. What’s more, you can always enjoy their company on repeat on ZEE5.

Love Me India Kids

Do you love to watch Reality Shows? Then this one is surely going to be an entertaining watch for you. Love Me India Kids have some talented bunch of kids performing and singing in front of the whole country virtually. Judged by musical icons like Himesh Reshammiya, Neha Bhasin, and Guru Randhawa, these kids have some impressive line up of admirers and mentors who will help in each round. Voting is done live so you can help your favourite contestant to remain in the game and win the ultimate title. Tune in to this musical show and enjoy some foot-tapping time with your family.

Kumkum Bhagya

Indian telly serial viewers are obsessed with anything revolving around marriage and family feuds, and Kumkum Bhagya is no exception. I mean look at all the heavily decked actresses and the melodramatic villains and the handsome actors who captivate the hearts of millions of Indian girls. Unlike any other Tv serial, Kumkum Bhagya promises loads of suspense and drama. The story is entangled between two sisters Pragya and Bulbul. Their mother runs a marriage hall named Kumkum Bhagya and just like every Indian mother she wishes to marry off her daughters to well-to-do families. Will she succeed? It is for you to find out.

India’s Best Dramebaaz

Every house has that one kid who charms every relative and friend with witty remarks and overacting skills. Well! This show is for them or maybe for the Kid in you who love to make others dance to their tunes. A reality showcase of the most mischievous and talented kids from the block with celebrity judges and guests who never fail to entertain the audience with their performances. So there is dance, dialogue delivery, dexterous acting, and humor, which makes it a perfect package for the weekend.

There is no end to the time spent in front of the big telly watching dramatic soaps every day for the Indian audience. We love our chai hot and our serials hotter with gossip, as much as we love our actors reveal mind-boggling climax with super bass effects. ZEE5 has amped up the choices, and we sure know where to spend the rest of our leisure with snacks.

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Best Movies that Focus on Rural Life


We rarely see movies depicting village life in mainstream cinema. Our generation thrives on sleek, opulent locations with trendy actors and gibberish songs. Yet some movies have enthralled the audience every now and then.. One such movie is Laloolal.com which is a part of the collection of ZEE5 Film Festival, where works of Indian and Pakistani directors’ are showcased.

This Pakistani movie features Faysal Qureshi, Natasha Portess and Aimen Iqbal as the main leads. It is a romantic comedy that follows the story of Sue, an English woman, who has landed in an obscure village in Pakistan trying to find her husband who has gone missing. Due to the language barrier, she is assigned to Laloo, a village simpleton, who is the only one in the entire village who knows broken English. Laloolal is a people’s person and helps everyone around the village, his love interest Chandan feels jealous of his sudden closeness to Sue. Will Sue find her husband? What will happen to Laloolal when he finds himself alone with Sue? Will he go abroad? It is for you to find out.

There are very few Bollywood movies that walk the tightrope of village life depiction. But that’s not to say that Bollywood has never made any good movies depicting the beautiful life of common villagers. Here are a few gems that became a part of path-breaking cinema focusing on rural life.


During the British Raj, a farmer named Bhuvan challenges Captain Andrew Russell to beat his team in a game of cricket and exempt his village from paying taxes for the next three years. A love triangle of sorts emerges when Elizabeth Russell agrees to help Bhuvan and his team which does not go well with Gauri.


The story revolves around an N.R.I, who while on his trip to India gets nostalgic about his motherland and instead of returning to America with his nanny, decides to live a fulfilling life in India.

Welcome to Sajjanpur

A satire where a village simpleton earns a degree and aspires to become a novel writer but instead ends up writing and reading letters for the villagers. The movie follows the ups and downs of villagers who weave beautiful tales with their uncomplicated life.

Peepli Live

Another classic dark comedy that throws light on the grave issue of farmer suicides based in rural India. When a farmer decides he wants to end his life due to the enormous debts, this later turns into a political and media circus. The frenzy puts his village into the eye of the storm.


A sensitive female-centric film that follows two women from separate backgrounds with a common connection – their husbands. One of the husbands is dead, and the other has to seek pardon from the widow in order to obtain mercy. The movie shows the lives of villagers in rustic Rajasthan.

If you haven’t already watched these movies then make sure to put them on your must-watch list. And do not forget to view Laloolal.com, it’s a fun entertainer with its soft, dramatic moments. So download and subscribe ZEE5 right now for this rustic beauty of a tale.

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Ganesh Chaturthi – A Family Binge time with ZEE5

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Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is the 10-day veneration of Lord Ganesh. It also marks the beginning of the festival season in India. Festivals have always been a big part of Indian family values and culture, in fact, the first ever Ganesh Chaturti was one of its kind social occasion organized by national activist Lokmanya Tilak to bring the community together during the British era. The significance of the festival has grown since that age and has now become the core of every Indian household where ‘Ganpati Bappa’ is fondly welcomed into our hearts and homes.

India prides itself on its close-knit family ties during festivities and it is a common sight to see the whole of an extended family gather under one roof to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Just as the women get busy in making sweets and delicious food items the men and children decorate the house. The best time is spent leisurely chatting and binge-watching movies together over a scrumptious meal. ZEE5 has come up with a mixture of family blockbuster entertainers this season.

You can watch Salman Khan in his best action avatar in Wanted. Or groove to his energetic steps in the praises of Lord Ganesha in the famous Jalwa song from the movie. My personal favourite happens to be ABCD and ABCD 2. Watching Prabhu Deva is a treat to the eyes, not to mention the little kids in the family who go berserk matching his dance moves. Beats from the movie Banjo imitate the real-life Ganesh procession that immerses India in a vibrant pink pitch fever. Varun Dhawan can be adorable with his comic timing and chocolate boy attics in Judwaa 2 we know you will never miss on this one.

So while you implore on Lord Ganesha to shower his precious blessings on your family, you can count on ZEE5 to keep your guests entertained with more popular options like Ramaiya Vastavaiya, Phata Poster Nikla Hero, Jab We Met and A Flying Jatt among many others which can bring your family together for your very own Hum Saath Saath Hain moment.

Family movie time can become an Instagram worthy event when you set it up an open-air screening complete with snacks and themed carpet entry. If you cannot come up with an outdoor setup then an indoor movie night with a projector is the perfect way to catch up your favourite flicks.

You really do not need to pack all of yourselves into a car and navigate through kilometres of traffic just to enjoy a movie night with your family. ZEE5 is the millennial way of enjoying movies in the comfort of your house.

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Warm up to trendy Sweaters

Pic courtesy : Pinterest

With the chill of winter comes the endless possibilities of layered dressing style. As you brace yourself to confront the cold, you can choose from various sartorial styles available online to keep looking attractive and staying warm all season long. What better way than to shop and keep up with trends by adding an excellent winter wear collection to your wardrobe. These modish sweaters are available online on a budget-friendly range from several renowned brands. Who needs winter accessories when you’re wearing a fashionable sweater with extra-long sleeves. No more feeling awkward about the way you dress in the shivering weather all you have to do is step up the style game with a chic jumper for a cozy night out!

Fashion sensation Popsugar states that There are a number of popular ways to style for the sweater weather. A snug turtleneck paired with a flirty summer dress can be the perfect outfit for a winter date. Embellished pullovers are so versatile with any kind of party wear and make a dramatic match for denim while on a cold night escapade. The front open sweater adds like a lightweight counterpart for a slightly warm winter office morning. Street style cannot be left far behind when it comes to winter wear and taking a cue from that wildly printed pullovers are just the beginning of eccentric frosty evening style. Snuggling up in neutral cardigans and woolen pullovers in front of a fireplace with a book sounds so appealing. A lucent shimmery pullover makes for the perfect topper – it’s warm, but also shows off your inner layering skills.

A new styling trick is slinging a thin sweater in a bold colour across your body for a contrasting effect on a balmy winter evening. Crop sweaters might seem like a bizarre combo, but it does increase the sex appeal while paired with a woollen skirt or leggings. A final bow would be the underestimated oversized sweaters that lay in the far end of the closet, dust these basics and pair them up with skinny jeans or leather leggings and high heels for a timelessly polished look. You can elevate your fashion sense with the oversized pullover by wearing it with over-the-knee boots and a floor-length duster coat.

Harper’s Bazaar comes up with some fashion inspiring moments for winter. Make it your style guide as you shop for trendy knitwear online. Don’t get stuck in a rut, explore the wide range of velvet looks, long sleeves, richer fabrics, and heavy embroidered sweaters all on a budget to be the best dressed during winter.

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Dhatt Tere Ki – Sarcasm on Point

Picture courtesy ZEE5

Entertainment on the go has become the major need of our fast-paced lives. We really don’t have much patience when it comes to enjoying our favourite serials on TV anymore. We want it everywhere and anywhere.

In this age of a click, ZEE has launched a new VOD service – ZEE5 that showcases original web series, drama, international movies, and Indian movies in all regional languages. One option you can seriously consider watching is their newly featured comedy series Dhatt Tere Ki. This series is a sarcastic take on the hypocrisies of the Indian society. Every episode is a standalone story that deals with an important issue in a few minutes.

Episode 1 – What is it about?

Episode 1 of this rib-tickling comedy series has been named Firauti – which means ransom. Rich and poor alike, people have high expectations these days and wish to live a comfortable luxurious life. In order to keep a high standard of living, two goons who are fed up with the despotism of their boss kidnap a rich kid and try to irk his father by asking for ransom. The kid is smart and makes the goons to ask for more money by negotiating a deal with the goons. The irony of time and money is depicted with razor-sharp humour and is a treat to watch.

Episode 2 – What is it about?

Sachi Qurbani – True Sacrifice is a well-etched comic situation of religion and politics through symbolism. It is the period of Bakri Eid and a goat, is brought in with the name of Allah and Om etched on its body for sale. The middleman offers to sell it at a high price to a wealthy party. Soon enough a crowd gathers from both the communities and the Muslims try to fetch the goat for sacrifice while the Hindus try to save it from sacrifice. As the bidding
rises a feverish pitch, the satirical aspect of the story too reaches new heights.

If you love more of such slapstick comedy portraying real issues then tune into ZEE5 and enjoy Dhatt Tere Ki. Trust me, it is just as funny as it is insightful about our incredible India.

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Decor Inspirations for the Living Room

Picture Courtesy Pinterest

A Living room is an epicenter for all family activities, and it acts as a multi-functional space for relaxing, working, mingling with guests, and entertain. There are tonnes of design and mood inspirations when it comes to making your living space vibrant and essential part of your lives. While decorating the lounge, one has to keep three things in mind:

a) having enough leg room by not making the space too crowded with furniture

b) having the perfect light setting by adding light fixtures and natural lighting

c) lastly make maximum use of the space by placing consoles in the walls, cozy window benches with storage space if you have a bay view, and corner tables. All of these add up to the vignette of the personal lounge.

Take a look at some of classic living room ideas to go with. When it comes to the seating arrangements in the living room the sofa is the most obvious and attractive choice to change the get up of the room. It is important to create a striking illusion with a super comfy one that does not take up too much space. An upholstered beauty made out of leather, velvets, soft fabric, or tweed is what you want. Fill the extra area with a few exquisite rotund chairs to create a conversational pod around the couch. For a smaller room sofa without arms are more appropriate to craft a movable space. To bring in a calming sophisticated vibe in the room add beautiful cushions with a bold colour palette of black, white and neutrals, pastels, prints, earthy tones, and metallic golds. Accentuating the space with an odd low table, floor cushion or ottoman makes it more functional. Enhance the decor with a mix of simple family knickknacks and grand statement features like a glamorous chandelier or a prodigious piece of art.

Picture Courtesy Pinterest

There are quite a few interesting ways to decorate your sofa with cushions for an eclectic as well as formal feel. You can also buy a variety of cushion and sofa covers here without breaking the bank on your living room renovations. Continually tweak and change the personality of your lounge by adding personal touches. Maintain a subtle balance between masculinity meeting femininity to create a warm and spotless living area. An enviable living space has the modern comfort, consistency, functionality, and dynamism for a sleek, luxurious living.

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Dazzle with Online Shopping Sites

Images courtesy Pinterest

With the festive season around the corner, one has to be prepared to match the outfit with the perfect jewellery. Online Shopping Sites bring you a full range of ethnic and sophisticated pieces for every occasion. Based on the values of Indian roots these astounding ornaments excel in artisanship and detail. The allure of exquisite mangalsutras in diamond, gold-plated extravagance in sets, antique jhumkas, and pearl sets opens a Pandora box for the jewellery lover. The patterns range from contemporary to vintage and are bound to take one’s breath away.

Diamond stacked rings are an absolute favorite of the season, it is also predicted to be the most besotted collection in the Jewellery trend this year. From religious motifs, to abstract design each delicate gold plated band is adorned with an exquisite diamond or rock that effortlessly complements your subtle style. The love for heavy jewellery during the festive time of the year is commendable without breaking your budget. Bring auspiciousness and prosperity home with Online Shopping sites collection of kundan sets, silver plated designer sets, chokers, vintage sets, and antique pieces.

Picture Courtesy Pinterest

Minimalism is the key when it comes to vibrant festivals like Navratri. To ascertain that your style game is on point experimentation with lightweight pieces embellished with semi-precious stones and contemporary accessories for a youthful visage. For a multi layered neck look the minakari neck pieces are an apt choice. Pairing the eternally stylish Chandbali with any Indian outfit makes one look like a princess. A coloured stone jewellery is a must in one’s ornament collection as it quickly adds colour to a simple monochrome look. If you are someone who loves gothic in ethnic style, then wearing a simple choker necklace set in emeralds or ruby coloured stones will be the perfect go to option for any Indian attire. Oxidized statement pieces inspired by the gypsies are also a big thing in the fashion world, investing in these will be wise as one can create alternative looks throughout the festive season.

Don’t know what to buy? Or how to style your jewelry? Then Expert advice from famous jewelry designer Farah Khan, who also styles the Bollywood brigade comes at the right moment. You can heed her advice as to what are the trends and what not to flaunt during a special occasion.

Let this season be a fun and special time to buy handmade jewellery from Online Shopping Sites with the whole family since it will invariably create a sentimental value and you will have something memorable to reminisce about in the future.

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Sizzle the Night Away with Sexy Nightwears

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Are you the kind of girl who sticks herself to the basic PJ’s when it comes to beauty sleep? Do you keep fretting over your curves and never envision yourself as Victoria’s Secret model? Well! It’s time you change that aspect and live the life of a diva in the bedroom! It is a myth that lingerie can be used only for special occasions and honeymoon. It is proven that women who embrace their feminine self on a daily basis end up feeling confident about themselves. Keeping this sass in mind some of the Online Shopping Sites have come up with a beautiful collection of sexy nighty. Indulge with the Oh So Sexy Collection, which is dominated by satin, lace, and mesh sultry baby dolls, alluring short nighties, scintillating sleep robes, tempting camis, and corset tops.

Each pièce de résistance is to die for and is crafted for every body shape. One can experiment by starting with the satin corset. This Edwardian era fashion has merged with the millennial style to bring the right touch of romance and eclectic elegance in the bedroom. Its versatility makes it a flirty piece to set the mood for a fantasy bedtime. Having a blemish and wrinkle-free skin is essential for any women. No one wants to sleep in tight sleepwear that stresses the skin. The wide high octane stylish range of babydoll negligees in lace and mesh allowing your skin to breath thus leaving you feeling fresh and youthful as you wake up in the morning. Babydolls have sexy décolletage which lifts the bust while creating a slimming effect on your curves thus accentuating your best features.

Picture Courtesy Pinterest

Feeling sexy is the spice of life, especially when it adds up to the thrill in the boudoir. A sexy nighty can change the way you feel, when you are extra frisky and taking a cue from the erotic thriller Fifty Shades of Grey you can bring back kink and wild emotions into your dying love life. Cosmo being the bible of fashion states that the best seduction is to switch from granny panties into wearing foxy lingerie and watch yourself score all the brownie points from your lover.

These shopping sites are also friendly on the budget and offer a variety of choices at discounted rates. Sultry sleepwear is an essential piece of every woman’s lingerie collection. The brand’s collection is an irresistible combination of innocence and naughtiness. Once you’re armed with a collection of ultra sexy outfits you can transform from sultry to playful and constantly with a punch of punk glam accents. Visit the site to purchase a perfect get-up for bringing out your inner bad girl.

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Farewell to the creator of the iconic Bandage Dress

Pic courtesy Daily Express

An iconic French designer who gave the world elastic strips of fabric knitted together to make girdle-tight dresses or the sultry Bandage dresses, Hervé Leroux has passed away at the age of 60. He is famously known for his legendary Hervé Léger fashion house and the inventor of the fashion style which has been adorned on the red carpet by glamorous divas of the entertainment and fashion industry.


It first debuted on the runway in the fall of 1995 worn by the likes of Karen Mulder, Cindy Crawford, and Eva Herzigova, the original pieces then were not fully designed the way we see them as body-con dresses today. Later in 1998 when Max Azria and Co. acquired the company they went on a quest to find the vintage collection through ebay sales and private parties to create the exclusive piece that so many of us flaunt today.


Bandage dresses are staple as LBD’s in the wardrobe so much so that it is an excuse to show-off and flatter those feminine curves!


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An Exclusive with Kurtis Paul

Kurtis Paul_Mens Bags

Men’s fashion is somewhat a neglected section in the galleries of fashion. There are not too many brands that cater to this section, and especially towards men’s accessories. But there is a revolution happening which will soon engulf the fashion world in storm. As men have become more style conscious there have been some extremely cutting edge start-up’s that focus on high-end men’s accessories. Kurtis Paul is one such British brand that seeks to shatter the glass ceiling with their innovative designs and techniques. We have an exclusive tête-à-tête with Llyod Rayner the co-founder of the luxury brand.

Kurtis Paul Mens Bags Canvas Backpack0470

1. When was the brand established? Any interesting anecdote as to why the brand came into formation?

Kurtis Paul is the luxury fashion brand catering for luggage requirements of The Modern Gentleman. Started in 2015 by two brother from Manchester, England, the brand is focused on making long-lasting, stylish bags and male accessories.

Kurtis Paul was born from the desire of Lloyd and Kurtis Rayner to revitalize an industry that had grown tired. The two brothers had spent previous life working for large corporate companies and felt like their creativity was being suppressed. With countless nights on the road and spending their down time traveling the world Lloyd and Kurtis had a deep understanding of the requirements of quality luggage. They themselves had tested a wide spectrum of the market. Having noticed that the luggage market had two extremities, the high street with its low prices and ‘one time wear’ practices or the designer ranges where most of the price was in the brand name and not necessarily the quality of the produce. From here it because their mission to plug the gap, to make products that oozed class, quality and sophistication but with a price tag that was reasonable.

Kurtis Paul_Mens Bags

2. Who are the founders? An introduction

The founder of Kurtis Paul was Lloyd and Kurtis Rayner. Bring from a close family has allowed the brothers to inject much passion into the brand, they understand the motives of the other and this allows them to work in complete harmony, working to their strengths. Kurtis is the stylish one, with an eye for material and an ability to make an item fulfill it’s true purpose. Lloyd is the go-getter, the one who brings it all together and makes Kurtis’s dreams a reality.

Kurtis Paul Mens Fashion Designer Manchester Shoot
Kurtis Paul Mens Fashion Designer Manchester Shoot

3. What does Kurtis Paul embody and represent?

Kurtis Paul represents a very special type of person, a person they define as ‘The Modern Gentleman’.

The Modern Gentleman is someone with a clear sense of being, he understands his role within the world and is determined to become the best version of himself. He is motivated by continuous development and spends much of his down time on activities that lead to self improvement. This man has a love of travel and enjoys the experience of different cultures. He understands that to truly motivate people you must first understand them and by experiencing many different cultures he is widening his reach. Finally The Modern Gentleman takes great pride in his appearance, he understands that a healthy body is required to ensure he can fulfill his busy lifestyle. This man is always looking sharp as he never knows when opportunities may arise.

Kurtis Paul Mens Bags Canvas Backpack0569

4. What can we shop from Kurtis Paul? Tell us something about the luxury leather collection?
The Kurtis Paul product range can be viewed in two halves, luggage and accessories.

Exclusive Kurtis Paul Luggage Collection

Made up of two ranges, Leather Luggage and the Canvas Collection. Leather Luggage is created from a luxurious top grain cattle hide and finished with brass brass fixtures. The Canvas Collection is crafted from a beautiful 20oz cotton fabric and like the leather is also finished with the hard wearing brass fixtures. Across these two product ranges is a bag to suit every requirement for the modern man, whether looking for an overnight bag, office briefcase or gym bag we have the perfect product.

Exclusive Kurtis Paul Accessories Collection

Every man needs a way of accessorising his daily life. From a waxy top grain cattle hide we have created the three, perfect, male accessories. A wash bag to hold the cosmetics used for the morning rituals, a classy laptop sleeve to protect the most valuable office item and a sophisticated pencil case built with the boardroom in mind.

5. Future plans for Kurtis Paul

The future is looking good for Kurtis Paul. We will continue focusing on why we exist, to bring style to a tired industry and through this we will always focus on what is at our core, high quality. In terms of future products, we have recently launched the much anticipated Canvas Collection and will continue giving that the attention it deserves. As a brand we do not believe in product for products sake, we believe that every item must have a purpose and be created with the intent to solve a problem. When the next problem arises we shall get our creative minds together and find a way to answer it, beautifully.

Kurtis Paul Mens Fashion Designer Manchester Shoot
Kurtis Paul Mens Fashion Designer Manchester Shoot

6. What do you feel is the future of men’s fashion ?

In recent years there has been a tendency for the consumer to gravitate towards cheaper, easy access fashion. The high street springs to mind. I believe that as we become more conscious of environmental impact people will care less about quantity and more about quality, there will be a tendency to spend more on an item that will last.

Kurtis Paul Mens Bags Canvas Dufflebag0201

7. What is the KP model plan for the buyers? Elaborate..

Members receive a special discount, 10% off their order and get exclusive access to new designs before they are available for general purchase.

Kurtis Paul Mens Fashion Designer Manchester Shoot
Kurtis Paul Mens Fashion Designer Manchester Shoot

8. Who would you love to style and why?

Our dream fashion model would be George Clooney. This man has an understated sophistication and oozes class. If we could style anyone, this would be him.

Kurtis Paul Mens Bags Leather Backpack Canvas Dufflebag0617

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