One McCainlicious Soiree !

Karisma Kapoor at McCain Snack Party

Childhood is always a crazy phase and even crazier are the memories of wanting to be like your favourite actress. I have always admired Karisma Kapoor’s style and grace and imitating her came naturally, I even had a pinafore dress stitched by my mum which had a huge heart saying ‘Dil Tho Pagal Hai’ (Imagine! I proudly wore it on the streets much to the amusement of the passerby’s).

Now that I have grow out of that mad phase I still remain her ardent fan and plus a die hard foodie so when I got the invite for the McCain Snack Party it was like a match made in heaven. There I was in full attendance at the Hyatt Regency, Mumbai on the 15th of December. A special thank-you to Indiblogger team for making my dream come true.

McCain Snack Party

The evening was a fun-filled experience; emcee Nikhil Arora had everyone in splits with his acting and mimicry skills. The audience regaled themselves in the lavish atmosphere by tasting unique and easy McCain recipes cooked by Chef Tushar (did you know you could dish out a lip-smacking dessert with French fries).

To those with a sweet tooth here is the recipe for the French fries dessert:
1 pac McCain French Fries
2 tablespoons Honey
2 tablespoons Maple Syrup
2 tablespoons Chocolate Syrup
Dry Fruits for garnish
Deep fry the French fries in oil. Sauté with honey, maple syrup, and chocolate syrup in a pan till they turn crispy. Garnish with dry fruits and serve hot.

On Stage with Karisma Kapoor at McCain Snack Party

Of course the highlight of the evening was the photo session with Karisma Kapoor and we were pleasantly surprised by the framed memory we received at the end of the event. Not to mention the buffet treat that awaited us, all in all it was an unforgettable soirée which I am going to cherish my whole life.

Framed Memory McCain Snack Party

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Mind B(l)oggling #BNLF

India's Top Bloggers

Who said bloggers can’t have fun? I know we may look like a bunch of jobless promoters who love self-adulation on social platforms but trust me if that comes with attending cool events like a star and meeting inspirational people then I’m a Proud Blogger! BNLF (Blog Now Live Forever) was an amazing experience, imagine being amidst the crème de la crème of the blogging scene in India and realizing that you are actually sane in following your passion for writing. Earlier my mother used to think that I could never make a living out of writing but after attending the BNLF event (she managed to sneek in during the last session when the Legend Bruce Dickinson was on stage and even clicked the above snap!) she says “My God! you people are celebrities!”. Such is the power of Blogging my Mom is now my Fan!

BNLF Mumbai

This magnum opus stage actually rocked an opening concert from the Indiblogger band Blunder in the Code which obviously set the jive mood with Another Brick in the Wall- Pink Floyd. Then came the inspirational sessions from Indian as well as international delegates. These were not actual lecturing sessions but they were laced with humorous experiences and anecdotes from Purba Ray, Anshul Tiwari, Arnab Ray, Kanan Gill, Preeti Shenoy, Jeff Bullas, Christoph Trappe, and Bruce Dickinson.


What did I enjoy?
The contagious ambiance of being among the best, the tips and tricks of acing my game as a blogger, the awe-inspiring stories shared on this huge platform, and the proud moment of representing my passion. #BNFL will be etched in my memory forever.

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I Am #MadeOfGreat

Be Yourself

Originality is a rare commodity these days, many a times we are put into situations that either bend us or make us heroes. Whenever I look into the mirror I feel I have grown, I have stood up to what I believe in, I have listened to that little voice deep inside me and metamorphosed into the person that I am today.

I always wanted to be a writer, it all began by spending endless summer afternoons reading romantic letters which were locked up in a heavy trunk in the attic. These amorous renditions were obviously written by my love locked uncle’s and aunt’s who had left all their emotions on a piece of paper but completely forgotten about them. There were old vintage Christmas cards as well, these beautiful cards made me imagine stories about snowy streets, Christmas lit up houses, and family dramas unfolding around warm fireplace. When school would re-open I would spend hours in the school library soaking up on anything I could get my hands on, reading was in my blood. As I grew older I started keeping a dairy, I poured all the black ink on blank lines writing chapter after chapter of my being.

Then came the college phase in life where I stood on crossroads, parental pressure made me an Economics graduate. The writer in me was silenced as I continued the worldly way and took up Masters in Business Administration, after all I had to please everyone who thought that running the rat race is the ultimate goal of life. Then working in a reputed firm was considered as a life time accomplishment. But my soul was restless, the little voice in the depths continued to warn me that this is not what I wanted in life.

The inspirational turning point came through by watching the movie ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ which depicts the self-discovering journey of a writer, I could relate to it. I finally decided to follow my dreams and started with this blog, the more the wrote the more I felt liberated. I found myself again, I did not give in to the pressures of what others think of writing as a profession. I decided to carve a niche for myself in the world of words. And here I am today!

As Leslie Knope has rightly put in – ” I Am Big Enough to Admit, I Am Often Inspired by Myself.”
Hence I say that I Am #MadeofGreat, finding oneself in this chaotic world is nothing short of a discovery it takes guts and confidence to walk in a different path when everyone else is against your dreams. Be original and the world will recognize you because you are a force to reckon with!

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Living The #FAME

Pune Influencers

Every human on this planet fantasizes about being popular, famous, and a Star. With the dawn of a new Digital Age this fame-hungry phase has catapulted from big screens to personal mobile screens. I guess waiting in long queues for talent auditions will soon be a thing of the past thanks to the newly launched LIVE BEAMING App #FAME. All you have to do is switch on your mobile camera and beam your talent live from anywhere to a massive active audience after-all ‘If you have It then Flaunt It’!

I was lucky enough to get chosen by Blogmint as one of the top 50 influencer’s from Pune to witness this amazing technology held on the 29th of October at O Hotel. The event introduced us to the concept of Live beaming and its future prospective of becoming a sensational hit among those who love to share their hidden knowledge with the masses.

The team

What’s in a name?
The hashtag is the undisputed internet icon for success hence #FAME.

Live Streaming

Why Choose this Platform?
All those wannabe celebrities who have been dreaming endlessly of coming out of the closet and shedding their next-door images must immediately download the app from the Google play store and the Apple store. The platform has an expert gamete of well-known celebrities for guidance, plus it offers every genre under the sun to display your talent.

Budding fashionista’s can join the Lakme School of Style, kitchen conquerors can impress everyone with their gourmet meals on Web Chef, and musically gifted Beethoven’s can live up the #fame on Websinger. There is something for everyone, so why not take the advantage of going Live with your passion?

Fame Stars Pune

We had an exclusive tête-à-tête with the Vice President – Content @ Fame Digital Mr. Ankit Vengurlekar and the current #Fame Stars Vishaal Rasquinha, Shray Tiwari, and Shruti Prakash. They shared their inspirational success stories which had very humble beginnings. The picture above is the live performance of #Fame Star signing sensation Shruti Prakash who rendered the soulful ‘IkTara’ from the movie ‘Wake Up Sid’ which ended the evening on a melodious note (Plus I got my fan moment with a selfie!).

So all you spotlight chasers don’t look any further as the spotlight is now in your hands, build your career, explore your ambition, garner the attention of million online followers and admirers, and Live Your #FAME through this instant on-the-go technology. Anybody can Be a #FameStar!

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Design a Divine Collection inspired by ‘Candy Crush’

Candy Crush mania has just spilled over to the real world and it’s fans have much to rejoice. The game that has caught en masse fascination will now dictate your wardrobe as well, sounds exciting isn’t it?

Wowcracy the unique platform that allows designers and brands from all over the world to showcase their talents has partnered with the makers of the ‘Candy Crush Saga’ to launch a new creative initiative called Divine Designs With Candy Crush.

This eccentric chance presents designers and brands worldwide a 70 day period to create their own design or a capsule collection of apparels, shoes, handbags, or other accessories synonymous to the allure, vibrancy, enchantment, and carnal saccharine decadence of the Candy Crush game. Selected designs will receive the adulation of being displayed to millions of viewers through the Wowcracy platform for pre-order sales.

So if you feel like paying tribute to your sweet obsession and earn creative recognition join in the Divine Designs With Candy Crush project as soon as possible. As a Fan I’m anticipating that this project will be a total sell-out till then Happy Crushing!

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Count On Magical McCain Moments


Me and my sister are eternal cravers of tasty, tangy, mouth-watering snacks and the evening is never perfect without a hot cuppa of tea and chat-patta snacks along with hot gossip about everything under the sun. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life it’s refreshing to bond with your family members and create fun memories and what better way than to indulge in fried smile delights, yummy aloo tikkis, exotic french fries, cheesy sensations, and chilli garlic potato bites from McCain India.

These range of fat and trans free crisps are ready for any occasions in just 3 minutes (lucky for me when my friends gate-crash!) just the other day we had planned to go out for a movie but were super bummed when we learnt that it was house-full, me and my gang headed back home disheartened. To mellow down our crushed souls we fried some of the sumptuous smiles (saving grace of the day) and relished them with hot chilly sauce, it was an instant mood lighter and we enjoyed a party-like atmosphere right at home.

Here is a quick recipe to try out when bombarded with guests:

McCain Smiles with Schezwan Salsa:

Ingredients for the Salsa:
2-3 medium sized fresh tomatoes
2 medium sized onions
1/2 teaspoonful Jalapeño Chili paste
1 teaspoonful Schezwan Sauce
1/4 Juice of lime
1/2 cup chopped cilantro
Salt and pepper to taste
Pinch of dried oregano (optional)

Dice the tomatoes and onions finely add the lime juice, Jalepeno Chili paste, and Schezwan sauce. Mix the ingredients well, add salt n pepper to taste. Garnish with cilantro, you can also add dried oregano for flavor (its purely optional).

Embellish the fried smiles with this salsa dressing and serve with chilled coke.

Enjoy snacky brunch or evening time with your loved ones with the McCain dishes and create beautiful selfie-worth moments.

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5 Types of Avoidable Men on Dating Sites


We are flooded with all kinds of dating sites these days and finding Mr. Right seems to be easy as a click of a button. Behind all the butterfly mayhem, the beating of lovey-dovey hearts, and the conjuring of an idealized romance lies a sea of men who can easily be given a miss to avoid possible heart aches and heart-breaks.

1. The Fake Profiler

80% of these lurk in the virtual world with Adonis like profile pictures, you come across one with exceptionally Greek-God good looks, well described profiles, maybe pictures of perfect family members thrown in to make it look all real, it’s just like a dream come true. But the moment you start chatting you notice that there are loop holes and the castle is falling apart, mind you some get so annoyed if you probe them with personal questions that you could get blocked out or unfriended easily just so that their virtual bubble remains intact. Some can be complete charmers weaving up exotic stories about their work and social life making you believe that they actually exist on the human plane but don’t get pulled into the virtual dream a background check always could save your grace.

2. The Let’s Trade Pics Kinda Guy

You friend a rather cute looking guy and then Bam! all he can converse is through pictures right-out-of the shower picture, on the bed picture, ripped abs picture etc etc just spamming your inbox with them. The only obligation being you post yours too! No thank-you! Ladies take charge put your foot down ask him to maintain his dignity or you can always show him the boot.

3. The Online Romeo

You will find these on chat 24×7, rain or shine they are there, always ready to smother you will unwanted attention. Maybe they copy paste the same amorous messages to all the girls in their chat account, ‘Hi there beautiful’, ‘Love your eyes’, ‘I was thinking about us’ – on and on it can go except when it comes to remembering your ‘Name’ there is a ______ Blank Space! To such men turn invisible immediately.

4. The Add me and Forget me Type

Okay so your conversation hasn’t gone much since the last time you added him, it’s stuck with just a ‘Hi’ or a ‘Hmm’ or a ‘K’ (for me K is definitely an epitome of laziness or poor talking skills). Well either the guy can’t speak English or he is clearly not interested in holding a perfect dialogue or you are certainly not his type. Get rid of him, you don’t need undesirable potential dates on your list who hoard your virtual and mental space.

5. The Cold-Feet Guy

You have had blissful heart-to-heart discussions for days, months, or perhaps years on end but it’s not going anywhere. The relationship is not moving further the ‘we are friends’ tag, you need to step back and analyze whether he has the same feelings for you. Maybe you have given him enough ‘you are the one’ signals and he doesn’t seem to budge from his mixed sentiments that blow hot and cold towards you. Take a deep breath and release yourself from the mental torture of being taken on a emotional roller coaster ride, it will save your time and energy of pursuing something which is never meant to be.

Finding a soulmate is a herculean task, focus on finding the one who shares your aspirations and dreams, uplifts your spirits, respects you and treats you as an equal. Ignore the petty ones that seem glamorous from a distance and crash before reaching the relationship shore.

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Shop With Chic: My Wishlist


Shopping is just like breathing for women and with so many options available these days it’s a daunting task to choose your favorite store. During my process of discovering nouveau brands I received a mail from Kim who introduced me to this voguish brand new online store Dress With Chic.

What I loved about the store is that there is a heady mix of vintage, lace, crochets, and modern garments everything of which gives me weak knees. I love the marriage of modern and vintage in fashion so it was fun to make an enticing Wishlist.

0dc348121f29157ac673b2be74aee977The black and white lace dress can be toast of any event whether going for an evening date or a high profile occasion. It’s feminine and detailed design stands out.


The Crochet lace puff sleeve blouse is perfect for a summery afternoon, lots of breath space through the fabric and I love the pattern.

4e8d1369989498b3948413bd1eba5f7fThe tape detailed lace leggings go well for a brunch occasion, a movie night, or girls night out.



A lovely collection of boots and shoes on the site to accessorize your whole look. You can choose from embellished strappy buckles, pointed heels, bow ties, gladiators, platforms, and casuals.


Simply love this metallic geo panel bodycon dress it’s fun, sexy, and luxurious.

df0798427c3f7fbc8fcf7e2db45fc99dA very vintage look with this bateau neck lace dress, can be worn for any formal occasion especially for a spectacular derby event.


An amazing collection of purses, clutches, and bags to choose from, the printed tote bags are really cute.


A very quirky fashion element on your dress the eternal symbol of haute couture the Eiffel Tower, this lacey backless dress looks lovely for a fun filled day or can be worn for a fashion show.


Dress With Chic offers a wide range of discounts, free shipping worldwide, and 60 days return & exchange policy. It also features a trendy blog and lookbook for inspirations from celebs and personal stylists. Go Chic! Girls with this new online store.

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Fairy-Tale Embellishment on my Wall


Have you ever imagined spending time with your loved one below a tree decorated with quaint lanterns, watching the bright pattern of stars draped in the dark shadows of the night sky with the faint illumination from the crescent moon? Sounds like right out of a story book or poetry isn’t it? Ah! well these small luxuries are unimaginable if you live in a concrete jungle, but me being a lover of all things poetic decided to embellish my wall space with a decorative wall sticker.

I searched various sites online for something that would take me back into a cozy space just by looking at it, after a wild and extensive quest I found the one that fitted the fancy of my mind. A fairy-tale like wall sticker on Pepperfry. I was instantly captivated by the design, the branches with tiny leaves, the cute little stars, the magical lanterns, and the enchanting crescent moon. One look at it and I could envision myself under the night-sky or a chilly Halloween night or having a warm meal on Christmas eve, it was just too perfect to fit in with any occasion and so I purchased it. Sheer Love-at-first-sight!

Me and my sister spent a nice warm afternoon adorning it on our living room wall giggling away like two school girls, and I noticed that it matched excellently with the dark blue sofa cushion covers below. Each day I can’t stop admiring the beauty on the wall.


Wall-stickers can add a personal dimension to your room without being to expensive or calling in professional help for renovating your space.

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Delicious Quail Eggs with Sweet Baby Corn for Breakfast


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Sundays are meant to be lazy mornings and to tickle one’s taste buds with an appetizing breakfast heralds the day on a healthy note. Quail eggs are known to be a delicacy packed with nutritious elements and hence have been used as therapeutic food for centuries. A traditional Indian twist gives the dish some hot flavors to relish, with ridiculously easy prep time it makes one of the best ideas for a quick salubrious breakfast.


For each serving:
2 Medium sized Onions
2-4 quail eggs
2 teaspoons olive oil
3-4 Sweet Baby Corn
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp chilly powder
Salt as per Taste
Garnish with Cilantro or Chilly Sauce (optional)


Chop the onions and the sweet baby corn into small dices, add olive oil in a pan. Sauté the chopped onions and sweet baby corn in the olive oil till mild brown on low heat. Add turmeric, chilly powder, and salt to taste while mixing it well. To this add the quail egg’s and continue mixing it properly till the egg’s get a little thicker and stick to the pan. Keep mixing it with the ingredients till the egg dries up completely.

Garnish with cilantro or chilly sauce and Serve hot with bread or bun.

Bon Appétit!!!

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