Taken Aback!


When you have a dream you always envision it in the most spectacular way possible. My blog is my dream and hence I was on a hunt to create something that would be visually aesthetic as well as chic. I chanced upon Abackteam on the internet and decided to use their services to create a website for my brand. Rajeev was spontaneous and got in touch to discuss the ideas and themes, after many calls and emails my website was ready in no time. With quick service and generous co-operation they have made this site a dream come true for me. Hence I decided to give them a huge shout-out by a feature interview.

1. Why the name ‘Abackteam’ ? Any special reason for choosing this as a brand name?

Aback Means “Surprise” we like To surprise our Clients by providing them a beautiful website.

2. What other services do you provide apart from web designing?

We Provide PPC, Online Advertising, Logo Designing,Android development, TV Advertising And Much More You Can Go Through Our website Also.

3. Who has been your favorite client so far?

Our Favorite Client is Kedar (Supersearchgoa.com)

4. Who do you wish to work with?

We wish to collaborate with big Indian companies.

5. Describe ‘Abackteam’ in one sentence…

Ans :- Delivering excellent quality.

Thank You Rajeev & the Abackteam for such a wonderful experience. Wish to do more future en-devours!!

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An Exclusive Rendezvous with Hairstylist Jonathan Bodici


I have been wanting to do exclusive interviews for a long time now but somehow due to my tight schedule I could not include them in my blog posts. This is my first personal interview with one of the most talented hairstylist Jonathan Bodici. I met him through one of the many fashion groups on Facebook and we instantly swapped our social links, it has been extremely kind of him to have included me in his featured blog links on his blog Jonathans Studio.


My dear friend is the owner of Jonathan’s Studios a hair and beauty salon in the beautiful Romania. Ambitious that he is his plans include to create a global hair and beauty brand with best-selling products as well as win over clients from all over the world with his colossal talent.

1. Tell us about your journey, where it all began?

My journey in the hairdressing career started 6 years ago when I was 21. Back then I was still trying to figure it out what I wanna do with my life, and honestly, I had no idea that I would like this job so much. I never was that type of person that dreamt about becoming hairstylist since I was a kid. So, when I went to beauty school it was just another thing to check on my list. But everything started to change when I got to learn the insights of this job, and the more I learned, the more I felt in love with it. It wasn’t too long until it went from “another thing to try” to a passion and a dream career. Right after I graduate from beauty school, I opened my first salon with the help of a friend and everything that came after that was all an adventure.

2. What was your greatest moment as a hairdresser?

As a hairdresser, there isn’t just one great moment. Every day, when I work with my clients and see how much value they put on my work, is a great moment. The true great moments are when you can really make a difference and through your work you help another person change his/her life. But if I have to choose a moment that my career had a turning point, I think it will be the moment that I won my first national contest for hairdressers and appeared for the first time in a very known fashion magazine!

3. Would you extend your passion into creating a worldwide brand and what are your plans?

Yes, I would extend my passion into creating a brand, and I already started to work on it. My plans are to have my own beauty school and, of course, my own line of products.

4. What challenges have you faced through your career?

I think the biggest challenge was to build my business while I was still trying to grow as a hairdresser. I was a beginner at both, running a business and being a hairdresser so I went through some very tough times because it was very hard to keep both under control. But I did it, and finally, after 6 years I can say and I am not only a successful hairdresser but also a successful businessman.

5. What are the trending hairstyles at the moment and which is that one classic style that will never fade?

The latest trends in hairstyles are “messy” hair. Everything went from sleek looks to styles that look like you didn’t put too much work in it, like messy buns or messy curls, nothing has to be too perfect. As for color, Ombre and Balayage are the latest trends and I think it’s for the long run. Also, from the classics, I think that soft layers cuts and angled bob will never go out of style.


6. What is your #1 hair care tip and which product would you recommend?

My #1 hair care tip (trust me, it really is the most important) is to always go for the professional products and not the store bought. Also, don’t choose a product just because a friend told you it’s great, but search a professional advice. Many products are awesome, but not all suit your hair needs. So no, I will not recommend a product because I would have to know your hair for that, but, as a brand, Matrix is my favorite. Their products are just amazing!

7. Which celebrity would you love to style?

Beyonce! I just love her courage to play with her hair and go for different styles.

8. Do you believe in the DIY hairstyles trend? Any easy DIY style that you would love to share?

It depends on the skills that you have. Doing your own hair is very hard and requires a lot of skills. I admire those who can. An easy DIY style that anyone can do is the messy updo. And it’s super fun and goes well with any outfit. You just have to curl your hair with a curling iron, mess it up (maybe even punch it up with a volume hairspray or powder) and just pin it up with a few bobby pins at your back. And remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect! That’s the fun of it!

9. What tips and advice do you have for aspiring hair stylists just starting out?

Study… and practice! A lot! Watch out for other hairdressers and try to learn from them as much as you can. But don’t copy (really, don’t)! Develop your own style and you can attract more clients like that. Being a hairdresser is a never ending learning experience, and the best way to learn is practice.


10. Finish this sentence for me:

Jonathan is… a young, ambitious person, with high goals, and doesn’t quit until that goals are reached. Even when all the odds are against him.

Thank you for this wonderful interview. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did answering these questions.

Here’s Johnny B who’s creations I feel are an amalgamation of classic meets high-fashion and street sexy! It was fun knowing him and I thank him for providing us with his valuable inputs.

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Fashion Decor: A Trend to Mix Fashion with Home Decor


Decorating your personal space is an exciting experience, it mirrors the way we take hours to dress up in order to feel attractive,chic, and presentable. Home is usually an extension of our personality, the way we ornate, furnish, and accessorize the abode depicts our creativity and style. I have been obsessed on Polyvore creating home decor sets inspired by my love for fashion. Let me mention a few ideas on how to create Voguish interiors from haute couture ramp designs.

Spring Inspiration

Spring gives a vibrant visual of bright pinks, rose reds, elegant whites, and soothing greens. A season that evokes new beginnings and ushers happiness, decorating your interiors in the colors of nature livens up your personal space. Intricate floral designs provide a fresh atmosphere and remind you of spring all year round.

Monocromatic Style


An eye-catching trend that has spilled over from the ramp into your bedrooms and living rooms. These designs look anything but mundane and brighten up the living space despite of the mono style.

Geometric Patterns


Bold and edgy on the fashion ramp geometric designs give an illusionist perception. This chic style adds a 3D dimensional look to the decor and provides a classic neo-modern look. Geometric furniture’s have a futuristic appeal and elongate the view of any given room.

Black and Gold


Dressing up your room in this royal and glamorous attire manifests  opulence. Rich textures, luxurious leather furnishings, elegant light fittings, and golden lace curtains display a palace life feel.

Color Pop


Mixing red with pink, blue with green, and yellow with orange is an eye-popping effect. If you are free-spirited or boho-chic you will love to dress up your house in the color pop theme. Crazy prints and hues from the 60s MOD fashion trend can be incorporated. Color pop is en vogue and adds just the right amount of razzmatazz to your decor.

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